Elegant Wunderlist Simplifies How You Create And Share To Do’s


Wanderlist is one of the most popular apps for managing your To-Do list.  I love the interface and how easy it is to use and learn.

For complicated projects at work, I use Trello.


Wunderlist Home Screen (iPhone)


Getting Started

Getting Started: Four Essential Steps

  1. Take a tour and create an account
  2. Download Wunderlist and install it on your phone then a browser
  3. Create a list and share it with another Wunderlist user
  4. Learn how to use the Do Not Disturb feature for a list

A Few of My Favorite Wunderlist Features

A Few of My Favorite Wunderlist Features

  1. I can sync my lists across all my devices, big and small, IOS, Android, Windows, Mac
  2. I can share my list with other Wunderlist users.  In my family we delegate tasks 'carefully'
  3. It's easy to learn and use and it looks great
  4. I convinced my family to use it (it wasn't hard)

There are many other similar apps. My advice: just try a few apps and see which you like the most.

Examples of How I Use Wunderlist

  1. Easy stuff: Create sortable shopping lists and divide and conquer the shopping.
  2. More complicated stuff: Create lists to take care of family members who have medical needs, store images, links to websites.
  3. Use Chrome to add links of websites into Wunderlist instead of sending the link to myself via email or text



Learn More About Wunderlist

The Wunderlist blog has lots of info and boasts nice data visualization showing the global to-do list activity for this app.

There are ten million plus Wunderlist users. Microsoft purchased Wunderlist and is developing a new Microsoft To-Do.  I will stick with Wunderlist until the very end.




  • I don't get all my to-do's done as often as I like.
  • I have no financial disclosures to report related to this post.


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