Elegant Wunderlist Simplifies How You Create And Share To Do’s


Wanderlist is a nifty app you can actually enjoy using to organize your To-Do's.  It makes it easier to create, find and share what's gotta get done.

Ten million users are on board with Wunderlist. 

How I Use Wunderlist

  1. I use it on my phone, my work computer, home computer, iPad and everything y gets synced up nicely.
  2. I use it to set up shopping lists, and to-do's for little projects. Sometimes I have due-dates and sometimes I don't.
  3. My wife, kiddos and I can add, remove, complete items from the same list

It's a gorgeous little app with a beautiful interface.

Home Screen


Getting started: a short list

  1. Create an account - take a tour
  2. Install it in your phone first then a browser
  3. Create and share a list with a pal
  4. Learn how to turn off notifications for lists that you don't need constant updates.

Learn More About Wunderlist

The Wunderlist blog has lots of info and boasts nice data visualization showing the global to-do list activity for this app.




  • I don't get all my to-do's done as often as I like.
  • Financial relationships with Wunderlist: none.


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