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Learning And Teaching
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Welcome Colleagues and Visitors,


Thanks for visiting. I hope you might find parts of LATTE useful to you.

Here is what you will find developing over time.

I am a huge fan of the Just-In-Time principle that can be applied to manufacturing, learning and information. The 1-Click Page lists commonly used links and is intended to be used by any UMHS physician in any specialty. The GI-Liver Page is for the GI-Liver enthusiast.

Over time, I want to add resources that the clinician educator interested in technology will find useful.

On a personal note, taking on the task of personally building this blog, helps me understand and apply principles from many fields: cognitive psychology, medical education, the electronic health record, and human centered design thinking. As I understand more from these fields, I hope to share some of what I learn.

Every time I succeed and fail in this building process is a chance for me to reflect on what works and what does not work to create a good (or bad) User Experience (UX). What I learn building The LATTTE Lab deeply informs my work as a clinician educator and as a clinician contributing to our expanding electronic health record, MiChart. We use Epic at UMHS.

Why are there two brains in the website  logo?

We all reflect in our life, every day and sometimes every minute. This process of thinking about thinking is metacognition. Our brains watching over our thinking.

When we create space and time for self-reflection we often learn more about ourself and what we can teach ourself and others.

I have lots more work to do and hope that you might you find The LATTTE Lab useful.

Thanks for visiting.

Raf Rizk, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Gastroenterology
University of Michigan Health System

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