U-M Box: How to Turn Off Email Notifications from a Box Folder

Hello U-M Box colleagues.

Here is a little help to reduce the number of emails Box sends you. If you are like me, one less email I don’t need to see is always a good thing for my eyeballs.


Let’s say I own a folder or I am invited to collaborate on a folder and I get tired of getting Box emails every time the folder is visited. If I don’t want to know when files are added or downloaded, I turn off notifications.

To turn off notifications takes just fifteen seconds.

Go to folder settings > change settings.¬† Voila, all done. My eyeballs don’t have to see messages from Box.

You can also change notification settings for your entire Box account.

How-To (Silent) Video Walkthrough (40 sec)

Learn More

Go to the Box Community for more help and details.





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