U-M Box: How to Turn Off Email Notifications from a Box Folder

I think most of us want to protect our email inbox from excess emails so I believe every Box user should learn how to turn off / on email notifications.

You can receive notifications for actions taken in both folders you own and folders in which you are a collaborator (when you get an email for activity on a folder or file).

  • Changing the default notification settings for a specific folder is easy and takes fifteen seconds.
  • You can also change notification settings for your entire Box account.

Use Case Scenario

I am invited to collaborate on a folder and I want to turn OFF notifications so that I don’t get pinged every time the folder is visited and a file is viewed/downloaded/uploaded.

To turn off notifications, I have to go to folder settings > change settings > voila, all done. I get a slightly happier inbox.

I demonstrate how to do this in the video below.


Video Walkthrough

I created this short silent (<40 sec) video demonstrating how I turned off all notifications for a folder.

Learn More

Go to the Box Community for more help and details.





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