Getting Started With the Duo Smartphone App to Remotely Access Outlook and MiChart


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I list on this page the essential steps to install the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) app Duo mobile on your smartphone, which is required so you can  remotely (e.g. at home) access Outlook (via the web)  and connect to MiChart (via Cisco AnyConnect VPN).

I also share some of what you can expect to see after installation.

Duo is required on 2/1/2017.

Raf Rizk, MD

Installation Overview

Installation Overview

The enrollment process  for you phone is simple and takes about 5-8 minutes.

You need your personal smartphone and a computer connected to the web.

I elected to install the Duo mobile app on my iPhone instead of obtaining a Duohardware token, because I did not want to have to carry both my phone and a token.

I have also installed and use Duo 2FA on my phone for e-prescribing of controlled substances. I do not cover that in this post. To enroll in Duo Two-Factor Security as an EPCS provide you have to meet your EPCS liaison (call / email the HITS support desk for info).

Instructions and Links

Instructions and Links


› Do This First: Install the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone 

› Do This Second: Log in to the UMHS User Self-Service Profile and add your cell phone number to start the enrollment process.

Heads-up >> if you are off the UMHS network, e.g., at home, you must first connect to to the UMHS VPN with Cisco AnyConnect prior to logging into the Self Service Profile


Figure 1: Michigan Medicine Wiki page: click on enroll a smartphone


After Installation

What to Expect After You Complete Duo Installation and a Little Troubleshooting

Duo works very fast. I really like it and have been using it since December 2016. See figures below for what you can expect to see on this tech journey.

My Experience (and my Error)

  • I have to have my charged phone on me when I am using my laptop or iPad to access Outlook and MiChart remotely (remotely means off the UMHS 8021x wireless network).
  • My error: The first time I tried to login into the Cisco AnyConnect VPN on my laptop,  I did not check my phone for the Duo notification asking me to accept a login request.  I mistakenly thought I was unable to login to the VPN. So, remember, after you enter your user name and password into Cisco AnyConnect VPN, you have to check your phone and accept the login request notification from Duo.

The figures below offer a few screenshots of what to expect when you use Duo.

Screenshot: Duo Notification on my iPhone triggered when I logged in to Cisso AnyConnect VPN on my laptop from home

Screenshot: Duo Notification on iPhone asking you to Approve the login request

Screenshot: Duo alert in a Chrome browser on a Mac laptop showing what happened when I did not tap 'Approve'  quickly enough on my iPhone

Screenshot: My Mac laptop connected  to the UMHS secure network 8021X , while I am at work 


Support and Help: HITS

Support and Help: HITS

Tech support is available via phone, web and walk-ins with your device.

Feedback for this page

If you find something on this page that needs correction or is unclear, feel free to email me in Outlook

Raf Rizk, MD

Learn About AirWatch: Required

Learn About AirWatch: Required 4/27/2017

After you install Duo and are comfortable with it, you might want to install AirWatch which will be required to remotely access Outlook and MiChart on April 27, 2017.

Learn more on the Michigan Medicine Wiki here.

Note,: AirWatch can cause some installation challenges, so I suggest you do it on a weekday where you can have quicker access to tech support with  HITS.

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