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A subset of resources used for this project can be accessed from this page. All resources require some type of permission or login.

Demonstration #1: Sites behind the UMHS firewall

Some sites at U-M are behind the firewall and, when you are off the UMHS network, you can only access these sites using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

To test if your connection to the UMHS network is valid, try accessing the links below

If you can’t connect to the above links then you are not on the correct network.

  • Wifi use the UMHS 8021X network  
  • If you are off this Wifi network, then you have to first login to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Learn more about this topic on the UMHS Wiki here.


Demonstration #2: GI website

From a UMHS core machine running Windows. 

Site #3: UM-Box Hosted Slide (requires a level one login)

Embedded View of Slides or click this link to view in browser

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