Presentation: UMHS MiChart Credentialed Super User (CSU) Summit


Thank you to Linda Roth for inviting me to present at the annual CSU Summit in November 16, 18 in 2016. This page contains resources shared during the presentation

Thank you to all of you for your great participation before and during the Summit.

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Links reviewed during presentation

From the LATTTE Lab home page you can find the MiChart resources page

  • We visited MiChartFLY (also available form the 1-Click Page)
  • If you are on the UMHS 8021x network, login is not required
  • If you are off the network, you have to first connect to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN and then click the michartfly link

On MiChartFLY you will find:


Please tell me if you found the presentation useful.

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