HIPAA PHI: A Brief Review of 18 Identifiers and Definition of PHI

When I work with colleagues on matters related to the EHR, I have to redact identifying data from documents or screenshots in the EHR. This post defines a few key terms related to this kind of work and lists resources. Eighteen identifiers must be redacted from documents or screenshots. Terms Electronic protected health information (ePHI) […]

Relationship Medicine: Learn Simple Pearls from a Relationship Researcher

Dear physician colleagues, can we agree that it would be nice to learn a few ‘marriage pearls’ from well-done marriage research just like we learn ‘clinical pearls’ from Evidence-Based Medicine? I understand that there is no ‘perfect research or perfect advice’. We all arrive at marriage with ‘evidence’ of what should ‘work’ from personal life […]

Example of a Google Calendar Shared for Public Viewing

Sharing a Google Calendar is very powerful because of the many features available in a Google Calendar. This post contains an example of how a group of editors who share one Google Calendar can work together to make events viewable to colleagues. Calendar Settings This calendar is set for ‘public’ viewing. Only the editors can make […]

M3 Student Orientation: MiChart Boot Camp

Hello I enjoyed giving the fast paced hands-on session and meeting a few of you after class. I have moved all the content and links for the M3 MiChart Boot Camp to the website MiChartFLY Website VPN is required to access MiChartFLY if you are not on the 8021X network › M3 Orientation 90 […]

Round and Read June 2017

Team Lumen Strong: June 2017 I am using this page as a launch point to share topics we read and resources, like PDF’s for articles.  This is a very iterative process, so hang on during the ride w/ me and give me your feedback. My goal: help us read more of the primary literature (beyond […]

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