Patient Education Illustrations: Liver

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Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS)



Varixbanding 1

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Access requirements for resources


Each resource has specific access requirements

(NOTE: 'Off Campus" indicates user is not connected to the UMHS network, e.g, working from home)

1. Level One Log-In

› resource requires you log in with your level ONE password

  1. First, click here to complete a level 1 log in
  2. Second, return to this page and click here to refresh
  3. You should now be able to access any level 1 resource.


2. Level Two Log-In

› resource requires you log in with your level TWO password (the one you use to log in to UMHS email)


3. Off Campus? VPN Connection Required

  • › if you are OFF the UMHS network (e.g., from home), you must you must first connect to VPN using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software
  • › if you are ON the UMHS network (i.e. at work), just click the link
  • › if you are using a non-core computer, you need to install Cisco AnyConnect VPN software
  • learn more about VPN


4. Off Campus? Resource Not Accessible

› resource requires you to be physically located on a UMHS location. Connecting with Cisco Any Connect VPN will not permit access to these resources.


5. User Must Create an Account

› resource requires you to create (and sometimes pay for) an account

  • › e.g. Office 365 Education version can be purchased at UM Showcase by UM employees & students
  • › e.g. Google personal account (used for Gmail) is not the same as an M+Google (UofM) account

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