Box: It’s Great for Syncing Files and Collaborating In the Cloud

The Bottom Line

Box is a cloud based service and is a fantastic tool to securely share files and collaborate from any device. It's a tremendous workhorse in my digital tool box and a great time saver.

A Little Detail

  • I use Box for almost all my file storage related to work because I can access the files from any device.  No more logging into the network on a desktop or from home.
  • While I like personal Dropbox, I need UM Box because it is easy to create and change settings to automatically restrict access to colleagues at UMHS or UM.
  • Box maintains versions of files. I can upload versions and stack them (great for recovery).
  • If you use Box to store ePHI files for research or patient care, make sure you have a very solid level-1 password.

The videos below demonstrate logging in to Box and how to copy or move folders. Log in to M+Box and take it for a spin.


Watching videos in full screen


How to find the M+Box Link

How to find UM Box

There are many paths to find M+Box. 

Search Google for 'box umich'

› Find a link to M+Box on the 1-Click Page


More Resources

More Resources

There is a lot to learn with M+Box. 

› The UM M+Box site has troubleshooting and training resources

› The Box site has details for installing Box Sync 4.0  for your desktop (an important feature).

› I created a page so UMHS users can see the  different levels of sharing permissions.

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