Mastering MiChart Meetups {for Physicians}

What do we do in a Meetup for Physicians?


There is a lot to learn in our electronic health record MiChart.

Mastering MiChart Meetups are 55 minute hands-on sessions focused on some of what you, the physician, want to master.

Sessions are available for any physician in any specialty.

We don't use a training environment. Because you log into your own MiChart, the changes you make can be used immediately.

We use a See-One, Do-One, Teach-One approach for learning (see list of topics in panel 1, on the right)

Email me anytime if you would like to set up a session for a small group in your division.

Good luck on your MiChart journey. Every little bit you learn will help.

Raf Rizk, MD | Session Coach
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
MiChart Epic Physician Builder

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If you can't make it to a Meetup session or you forget something that we reviewed, visit The MiChartFLY Blog (UMHS VPN required) to review focused topics in 1-5 minutes.

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