The Fantastico UM Google Drive: How To Log In (It can be tricky)


Why use UM Google?

As a University of Michigan employee, I like to use UM Google for work-related documents that are not considered to contain sensitive data. See the Sensitive Data Guide for definitions. (Don't use UM Google to store patient information of any type

UM Google Drive is a fantastic cloud-based tool allowing you to store files, share files, and most importantly edit documents with colleagues both synchronously and asynchronously.  This is my favorite feature because I can work on the exact same word document, slide or spreadsheet as my colleague. I don't have to worry about which version I have.

Logging Into M+Google Can Be Tricky


It may seem like a simple task. Logging in to a Google account.

But it is not so simple if you are trying to log in to a UofM Google (M+Google) account.

This page shows lists the Do's and Don'ts and in the future will show a step by step video to make it easier to learn.

Good Luck.

The login Checklist- Do's and Don't

Read slowly


  1. UMHS staff: log in with your UM level 1 (Kerberos) credentials.
  2. Do use 
  3. Do not use
  4. Do not use your personal Google credentials
  5. Do use Chrome or Firefox. Avoid using IE until it is upgraded.
  6. You can concurrently log into both a personal Google account and M+ Google in a single browser session.

Finding the M+Google link


  • Use the 1-Click page shortcut link on this website (red arrows Figure 1).
  • or, Google M+Google


Figure 1. Locate M+ Google Drive easily from the 1-Click Page


At A Glance

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