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Google keyboard shortcuts save time especially in Gmail and Google Docs.

Users get different right click options based on the browser used. Learn keyboard shortcuts and save a lot of time. That is what the pros do.

The Google Help page helps you understand and solve the challenge when you want to use a keyboard shortcut like right click to copy or paste, but you can't :

You might be able to copy and paste with the right-click menu, but for security reasons, most browsers don't allow web apps (like Docs, Sheets, and Slides) to use your computer's clipboard through menus.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

It pays dividends to learn Gmail Shortcuts. The Gmail Help section 'Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail' offers a lot of tips.

My favorite shortcuts in Gmail:

  • Press the ? on your keyboard, when you are in Gmail, to see a list of keyboard shortcuts (Figure 1). A slick and fast window drops down to remind of you keyboard shortcut glory.
  • Press Shift r (Reply in a new window)

gmail keyboard shortcuts

Figure 1.

Source: screenshot of drop down help for Mac OS X


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