Google Chrome is A Browser With Super Powers

Chrome is my favorite go-to browser because of it's many features.

At UM in the hospital and clinics, Chrome should be available on all computers as an alternative browser to Internet Explorer (IE).

Adding Chrome Extensions to Chrome gives it super powers. 

Think of extensions as one-click timesavers to help you do tasks quickly using different integrated apps like Evernote, Google URL shortener, Password managers and more.  There are a gazillion extensions in the Chrome web store.

I use Gmail but that it is not required to use Chrome. Here are my preferred Chrome settings:

  • At work, I always sign in to Chrome so I can sync all my bookmarks, extensions and browser history across all my devices, including phone, laptop, iPad.
  • NOTE: you can only sign into Chrome on workstations in an office/ staff room computer but you can not sign into Chrome in a clinic exam room computer (these are limited function, 'Kiosk' computers')
  • I always show the Bookmarks Toolbar.
  • I don't let Chrome save passwords (I use a password manager for that).

Below are a few short videos where I show how to use some of the essential features of Chrome.

Payoff for signing into Google Chrome

Benefits of signing into Google Chrome

Google Chrome extensions help you do stuff in one click

Google Chrome extensions help you do stuff in one click

Google Chrome: How to add Chrome extensions

Demonstration: How to install a Chrome extension in 30 seconds


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