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M3 Student Orientation: MiChart Boot Camp

Hello I enjoyed giving the fast paced hands-on session and meeting a few of you after class. I have moved all the content and links for the M3 MiChart Boot Camp to the website MiChartFLY Website VPN is required to access MiChartFLY if you are not on the 8021X network › M3 Orientation 90 […]

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Grand Rounds DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital: Home

Grand Rounds – 1/8/2016 DMC Huron Valley Sinai Hospital Thank you Dr. Pilay !    22 yo WF Chronic constipation, abdominal pain in adolescent years w/ intermittent n/v followed by weight loss PMH: none  PSH: none  FHx: negative Meds: none SlidesApproach to Abdominal PainGluten Related Disease-Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit Approach […]

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Qualtrics Survey Software

HIDDEN-empty container THE ESSENTIALShidden-150 PX IMAGE HIDDEN-Section TitleQualtrics Qualtrics software is available to UM users for online survey creation and data collection. HIDDEN-Section TitleAccess Log In1 A FEW EXTRAShidden-150 PX IMAGE HIDDEN-Section TitleLearning Qualtrics Qualtrics has an online in depth resources called Qualtrics University. HIDDEN-Section TitleMore Learning Use this Google Sheet if you want to share […]

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Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome (FAPS)

OverviewFunctional Abdominal Pain Syndrome is one of the most difficult to treat FGIDs. The diagnosis should be distinguished from IBS dominated by severe pain although the symptomatically can overlap significantly. ArticlesBrowse collection of articles in JAC – Go to Raf’s Box Folder (level 1 log in) FAPS

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