M3 Student Orientation: MiChart Boot Camp


I enjoyed giving the fast paced hands-on session and meeting a few of you after class.

I have moved all the content and links for the M3 MiChart Boot Camp to the website MiChartFLY.med.umich.edu

MiChartFLY Website

VPN is required to access MiChartFLY if you are not on the 8021X network

M3 Orientation 90 Minute MiChart Boot Camp (Start here)

› Medical Student MiChart Just-In-Time Learning (use anytime)

Boot Camp Feedback

If you did not have a chance to complete the poll/survey, please help me understand your perspective.

1. Pre-Boot Camp: asks how familiar are you with features 

Start Poll (super easy 2 min)

2. Post-Boot: how does you feel post bootcamp

Start Survey (super easy 2 min)


Raf Rizk, MD


How to Find MiChartFLY Easily

You will always find a link to MiChartFLY from the 1-Click Page on this website :