Example of a Google Calendar Shared for Public Viewing

Sharing a Google Calendar is very powerful because of the many features available in a Google Calendar.

This post contains an example of how a group of editors who share one Google Calendar can work together to make events viewable to colleagues.

Calendar Settings

  • This calendar is set for ‘public’ viewing.
  • Only the editors can make changes to the calendar.
  • Events can be imported into the calendar via several import options.


U-M Box: How to Turn Off Email Notifications from a Box Folder

Hello U-M Box colleagues.

Here is a little help to reduce the number of emails Box sends you. If you are like me, one less email I don’t need to see is always a good thing for my eyeballs.


Let’s say I own a folder or I am invited to collaborate on a folder and I get tired of getting Box emails every time the folder is visited. If I don’t want to know when files are added or downloaded, I turn off notifications.

To turn off notifications takes just fifteen seconds.

Go to folder settings > change settings.  Voila, all done. My eyeballs don’t have to see messages from Box.

You can also change notification settings for your entire Box account.

How-To (Silent) Video Walkthrough (40 sec)

Learn More

Go to the Box Community for more help and details.





Papers 3 Citation Manager

What is Papers

Papers is a reference manager app that offers a really nice way to  find, organize, read, cite and share the journal articles.

It’s available for Mac, Windows and IOS. To write a manuscript, this app is very easy to use to generate citations.

Why I Use Papers

I rely heavily on Papers 3 for Mac and have been using it since version 2.  It’s also available for Windows.  I previously used Endnote, Mendeley and Zotero and chose Papers because of how much I liked the look, feel and features it offers.

Here are three reasons I really like this app.

  1. Papers has a distinctly uncluttered and beautiful interface that is intuitive and elegant. The interface is ‘relaxing’.  I feel at ease when I use Papers for the needed tasks.
  2. The unique tools for annotating a PDF are not matched by any other similar application. You can drop a ‘pin’, like you do on a Google Map, to indicate precisely where you annotated a PDF. To appreciate this feature, you just have to Papers.
  3. I can import PDF’s in a couple of ways. It’s a snap.

One thing that annoys me and  put up with: it crashes when I import large PDFs and in a few other instances.  The developers are working on this.  Even with the occasional spinning wheel on my Mac, I still stick with Papers. It’s worth it.


See How Awesome Papers Is: 3 Min Video Walkthrough

The how-to videos on this page offer a quick overview of Papers 3 installed on a Mac running Yosemite. I also show how to export citations from Papers 3 to EndNote. View videos in full screen.


How to export Endnote libraries to Papers


Learn More

Download the App and see more features at Papers 3 for Mac.

Papers 3 was originally developed for the Mac OS and is now available for Windows. I have not tried the Windows version yet.

Video Capture Tools For Your Desktop

Here is a short list of video capture tools that I have found very useful.


  • Jing is a great lightweight tool that creates small flash files
  • created by Techsmith, makers of Camtasia
  • for Mac and Windows
  • upload your files to the Screencast Cloud or keep them on your desktop
  • and FREE