How to switch from a personal Google account to a UM Google account

Michigan Medicine users who use Google documents and sites should know how to switch from a personal Google account to a UM Google account.

It's easy to switch accounts.

It can be frustrating the first time you see the 'you need access' message. And if you are in a hurry, you might abandon the UM Google Document/site which you wanted to use because you think you don't have access.

If the target site/document you want has sharing permissions set to allow any UM user access, then all you have to do is to switch accounts and use your UM level-1 login to gain access (Figure 1).

I hope this blurb helps you overcome technology speed bumps.

Raf Rizk, MD

Figure 1

Transition to Clerkship (TTC) Annual MiChart Bootcamp for UM Medial Students


Dear M2 students,

Congratulations on many things, including getting into med school, getting into UM, and now moving one step closer to the very edge of the clinical waters.

You are about to move away from watching lectures at 2.5x and dive into clinical years -- the water will be 'refreshing' and most definitely invigorating.

On this page, I am listing resources aimed at helping you prepare for a smooth MiChart Boot Camp.

Since 2017, I have had the pleasure of teaching the MiChart Bootcamp to medical students in the annual Transition to Clerkship (TTC) course. I am looking forward to this year, 2020, the first time we conduct the entire course online using Zoom.  In previous years we met in groups of 40 students, four sessions, in one large computer lab.

Let's get started.

Epic trivia

We started using Epic (Epic Systems) for our electronic health record (EHR) in 2012 (summer roll-out, I remember it soooooo well). By now all of you know our EHR is called MiChart.

  • In 2012 there was a competition to name our new EHR and the name MiChart was coined. I think there was an iPad given to the person(s) who came up with the idea.
  • The previous EHR which was really visionary in design and is called CareWeb. You can still use it for the time being (it may be retired in late 2021).   Records dating back to 1991 are in CareWeb and I encourage you to read some of the golden oldies notes back when doctors used very nice prose and narratives to write about patients.

MiChart v.s. Mychart

You should distinguish 'our' MiChart from the worldwide Mychart, which is used by 100 million patients to connect to the Epic EHR patient portal. If you are a patient at UM Michigan Medicine, you can access the UM Mychart here

Important Stuff

Review the Pre-Boot Camp Checklist to ensure you have a happy Boot Camp experience

Highlights are in the bullets below; see details in Table 1.

  • A tablet will not suffice for the MiChart Boot Camp. Ensure you have a computer with the needed software installed.
  • Watch this video if you have not logged in before: How to log in to MiChart for Newbies
  • Watch this video How to check your security level from within MiChart. It's especially important to do this step if you previously used MiChart for research. If you don't have the correct security clearance as a student, then you will not have access to all the MiChart features.

The website MiChartFLY is our training ground for the Boot Camp

I created this site and you can use it for reference after the Boot Camp.  On MiChartFLY you will find 1-3 min How-To tutorials that will help you master MiChart.

Please login to MiChartFLY for our Zoom virtual class

Important links

Keep these handy

I look forward to meeting you all.

Thank you.

Raf Rizk, MD | Assistant Professor | Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology


In the table below click on a cell to enlarge an image and view hidden text, please.

Table 1 Pre-Boot Camp Checklist

How to Deterimine What Your Security Level is in MiChart

To see if you have full  view and write privileges in MiChart. Please visit my training site for MiChart, MiChartFLY

MiChart Project: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Project Focus

A multi-disciplinary group of colleagues with whom I work is exploring how MiChart,
the UM electronic health record (EHR), can be used for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM).

Access Resources

I posted a list of resources that are commonly used for this project on the internal website MiChartFLY.

  • If you are on the UMHS 8021X network, easy, no login is required to access MiChartFLY
  • If you are off the network, you have to first connect to the network using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Go to the TDM list of resource on




Example of a Google Calendar Shared for Public Viewing

Sharing a Google Calendar is very powerful because of the many features available in a Google Calendar.

This post contains an example of how a group of editors who share one Google Calendar can work together to make events viewable to colleagues.

Calendar Settings

  • This calendar is set for ‘public’ viewing.
  • Only the editors can make changes to the calendar.
  • Events can be imported into the calendar via several import options.


U-M Box: How to Turn Off Email Notifications from a Box Folder

Hello U-M Box colleagues.

Here is a little help to reduce the number of emails Box sends you. If you are like me, one less email I don’t need to see is always a good thing for my eyeballs.


Let’s say I own a folder or I am invited to collaborate on a folder and I get tired of getting Box emails every time the folder is visited. If I don’t want to know when files are added or downloaded, I turn off notifications.

To turn off notifications takes just fifteen seconds.

Go to folder settings > change settings.  Voila, all done. My eyeballs don’t have to see messages from Box.

You can also change notification settings for your entire Box account.

How-To (Silent) Video Walkthrough (40 sec)

Learn More

Go to the Box Community for more help and details.





UM Box: How to Upload a New Version of a File and Post the Link to a Website

Box has a very easy to use workflow to upload versions of a file and then share the link to the file stored in Box.

  • You can ‘stack’ versions of the same file on top of each other V1-V2 -V3 etc.
  • The file owner can upload new versions of a file and share the link to the file. The visitor who clicks on a link will always have the most up-to-date file ready for viewing and downloading.
  • Box allows you many ways to restrict access to the file and link.  Learn more about these features in the Box Community (support forum).

In the video below I demonstrate how to use UM Box to post a public link that directs users to our monthly division conference schedule which changes monthly and is often edited.

  • The file is stored in UM Box.
  • Access to the file is public (‘anyone with the link’).
  • Anyone with the link can view and download the file.
  • Regardless of how many versions of the file you upload, the link to the file does not change.

Thanks for visiting.


Video: 1 min 54 sec