Letter of References (LoR) and ERAS: The Process

What is ERAS?

One of the rewards in medical education is to write a letter of reference (LoR) for a candidate you believe strongly in.

After I write a letter for the med student or resident, I have to upload the LoR, to ERAS, the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®). This is a service that transmits the students or residents application and supporting documentation to program directors. The service is part of the AAMC.

Checklist for the process

Verify the deadline for uploading.  I strive to have my letters uploaded by August 31. 

  1. Student provides a signed form waiving/not waiving  his/her right to see the LoR
  2. Faculty writes the letter, include correct applicant ERAS letter ID
  3. Faculty or designee creates an account for the AAMC for the LoR Portal, LoRP
  4. Faculty or designee logs in to the LoRP and uploads the letter

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