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Round and Read June 2017

Team Lumen Strong: June 2017 I am using this page as a launch point to share topics we read and resources, like PDF’s for articles.  This is a very iterative process, so hang on during the ride w/ me and give me your feedback. My goal: help us read more of the primary literature (beyond […]

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Cholelithiasis during Octreotide Therapy

PICO Question In patients undergoing long term therapy with octreotide what is the incidence of cholelithiasis compared to untreated patients and what is the outcome of patients with cholelithiasis? Gallstones occur very commonly in patients on long term octreotide therapy  (Sandostatin) and infrequently require cholecystectomy. Selected Studies Hussaini, S. H., Pereira, S. P., Veysey, M. J., Kennedy, […]

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Post Polypectomy Coagulation Syndrome

Focused Topic Summary In in patients who undergo hot snare polypectomy. post-polypectomy coagulation syndrome (PPCS) manifests as abdominal pain with additional findings mimicking colon perforation but without evidence of perforation on abdominal CT scan. PICO: Focused Question & Key ConceptsPICOS Focused Question & Key Concepts PICOS The question Population: in patients undergoing colonoscopy Intervention: who undergo hot snare polypectomy Comparator: […]

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Focused Question: Oral Budesonide (Entocort) in Pregnancy

My PICOS Question IBD therapy in pregnancy will almost always present important and sometimes complex management issues for mother and fetus. This post briefly answers a PICOS question: using budesonide to treat a flare of Crohn’s during pregnancy.   Page Table of Contents SLIDESSlides Please view slides in fullscreen. Access References Listed in SlidesAccess References Listed in Slides Download […]

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Gallbladder Dyskinesia

Page Contents hidden-Key Concepts Key Concepts Gallbladder dyskinesia can be very difficult to diagnose with confidence. An accurate diagnosis based on a robust clinical story and comprehensive evaluation can eliminate needless suffering with lap chole  and avoid endless diagnostic testing and often emergency room visits for pain. A low ejection fraction on CCK-HIDA scan without biliary pain […]

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GI-Fellows Page

hidden title Page purposeDRAFT PAGE This page is managed by the 2015 GI Fellow Chiefs and contains selected resources for UMHS GI Fellows. Edit or Insert more text here . [simple_tooltip content=’Footnotes 1-4 indicate that UMHS authentication is required’]  [/simple_tooltip] See footnotes below for access requirements VISIBLE TITLE IN ALL CAPShidden-150 PX IMAGE HIDDEN-Section TitleH2 Section Title ›  Medhub ›  UMHS Paging HIDDEN-ReferencesReferences […]

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