Begin to understand the Social Determinants of Health with Dr. Greg Martin’s short video and simple framework

The Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) is a term that is being used a lot more often now.

It's in the news. It's in my conversations with colleagues, friends, and family.  I hear the term SDOH on almost a daily basis.

When I hear or use the term SDOH I should really ought to have a good grasp of what it truly means. It's time to learn much more.

I have had to stop and read more to understand how the SDOH framework is being applied to the two significant events of our life: COVID-19 and systemic racism, as seen in the death of George Floyd and too many others like him.

This post is a starting point for me to share SDOH resources that help me really get my head around the SDOH. I want to understand how SDOH impacts our ability to care for our patients and the changes that we need to make in society for equity in the care and treatment of our fellow humans.

I hope you find the video below helpful. It is one of the most concise explanations and thoughtful frameworks explaining SDOH that I have found.

Dr. Greg Martin is the physician who created this video; he is a thought leader in global health and social justice. His Linked in profile describes him as a "Specialist in Public Health Medicine in Dublin." and his YouTube Channel has an extensive library with more than 70k followers.

I will update this post with more resources that help me and move me.

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