MiChart Project: Offering Providers Clinical Decision Support for Acute Pancreatitis Care

My Role

In this project, I was able to use WordPress and other collaboration technology tools to build a Just In Time learning platform that contained clinical decision support resources developed by the PI and the team. The team worked with MiChart developers to build an alert system at the point of care.

Project Overview

This is a multi-year and multi-phase project, which started in 2008. It has two major components for improving the care of patients admitted with Acute Pancreatitis (AP) to UMHS.

A website containing an evidence-based approach to managing AP
An alert system with clinical decision support triggered by admissions of patients who meet criteria for AP

Matt DiMagno, MD

Raf Rizk, MD

Raf S Rizk, MD (Gastroenterology) | Web design lead and maintenance
Erik-Jan Wamsteker, MD (Gastroenterology)
Jeffrey S Desmond, MD (Emergency Medicine)
Lena M Napolitano, MD (Surgery)
Robert C Hyzy, MD (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine)


How to log in to U-M Google

  • User name = uniquename@umich.edu (do not use @med.umich.edu)
    Password = level 1
    Use Chrome
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