1Password Is One Fantastic Option to Eliminate the Password Reset Blues (Rage)

The Big Picture

I do not relish the idea of resetting passwords, remembering secret questions or creating passwords with combinations of letters, numbers and symbols that vary with each site I visit.

I also want to avoid password recovery rage (a syndrome that afflicts many) and I want to share passwords with important people in my life, like my wife (the usual, banks and more) and sometimes my kids (Netflix, Hulu).

So I scoured the choices available among many and have been using 1Password since version 1 was launched many moons ago. I love it, as do my wife and my college grad kiddos.

I have shared some personal insight below.

(btw, I have no financial relationship with 1Password to disclose).


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I will be creating a mini review soon; till then, here is a 1Password review on YouTube 




1Password Links

1Password Links

I absolutely love the highly responsive 1Password support. They are Canadian, which makes them naturally nice.

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Here is a Hot Geek review of the four solutions I tried. 1Password won. Here are other options that I took for a serious test drive for at least one week each.

All options below are available for Mac/Win.

  • Dashlane Premium has very nice interface, keeps improving.
  • LastPass. I wanted features which it lacked. Dual factor authentication is easy to use.
  • I tried Roboform prior to the Mac version.

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My Two Cents

Have fun choosing a solution for your passwords and save your self and your family from password rage.  Marriages are happier and life is better,  I am told, once you stop reseting passwords.

Here is a short list of questions (among many) to consider when you are choosing:

  • How secure is it (obvious, I know)
  • Can it sync across all my devices (phone, tablet, computer)
  • Does it have dual factor authentication or a secret key.
  • Can I create a family or team view for a subset of passwords. Pivotal for emergencies.
  • Can I export (in case you want to move to a competitor) the password file.
  • Do I like how it looks and feels?
  • Is it intuitive for me and my family?

Once you choose and start using a password keeper, consider yourself in a committed relationship.  Getting out of it will take a little (or a lot) of work.

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