Avoid the Password Reset Blues (Rage) with 1Password

Life is too short to think about passwords

Strong passwords are needed and my very human brain can't create and recall all different strong passwords I need for the complicated digital life we live in. Here is what I do and don't want to do with passwords.

  • I don't want to spend even one extra minute of my life resetting passwords or remembering secret questions.
  • I don't want to create clever combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols for all the sites I visit. My bank, my work, my investment sites, each of them wants me to create a password that fulfills their special recipe of alphabet soup.
  • I do want to avoid password reset rage (a syndrome that afflicts many)
  • I do want strong, secure and different passwords for all the important websites and services I use.
  • I do want to share passwords with important people in my life, like my wife (the usual, banks and more) and my kids (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.).

Why I like 1Password

The 1Password user interface offers me plenty of eye candy; it is easy on my eyes. Even my wife and kiddos like it (and they are a tough audience to please and persuade to add this tool to their digital life).

1Password security is at the top of the pack. You can keep your data on your machine locally or in the cloud.

I absolutely love the highly responsive 1Password support. They are Canadian, which makes them naturally nice.

(Just in case you are wondering, I have no financial relationship with 1Password to disclose.)


How-To: Video: 1m 40s

Video walkthrough (2min 21sec)




My advice

My two cents for choosing a password manager

Step 1: Pick two to three password managers, install the premium versions across all your devices and take them for a test drive.

Step 2: You have to love the tool to use the tool. Establish if you love the test drive and then see if your family loves it or at least tolerates it a lot. (if they are going to use it with you)

Step 3: See how often use the version that won the contest. If you never use it or use it and hate it, then find a new password manager.

Here is a short list of criteria questions (among many) that I considered when choosing a password manager (there are many comprehensive reviews on this topic):

  • How secure is it? All the major apps will pass this test.
  • Can it sync across all my devices (phone, tablet, computer) and across Windows and Mac?
  • Can I use dual factor authentication or a secret key?
  • Do I get notified when a login occurs from a new device?
  • Can I create a family or team view for a subset of passwords? This feature is pivotal for emergencies, e.g. if am abducted by aliens who take me to Mars.
  • Can I export my passwords (in case I want to move to a competitor) in a password file.
  • Is it easy to use and learn?
  • Do I/my family really LOVE it?

Once you choose and start using a password keeper, consider yourself in a committed relationship.  Getting out of it will take a little (or a lot) of work.

1Password Links

1Password Links

Get started:

1Password features- a quick review

1Password Families - this is what I use for my family. You will create your own 'private' URL (don't make it public) which requires a master password and unique key.

Download 1 Password . I just installed and LOVE the new 1Password 7 for Windows. The Mac version has always been a step ahead. I have it installed at work (Win) and home (Mac) and my iPhone.

I admire and appreciate the highly responsive 1Password support. They are Canadian, which makes them naturally nice.

1Password Teams is for work teams.

1Password Links

My Favorite 1Password Shortcuts

Open and anchor 1Password anchors the window on top of other windows allowing me to copy from 1Password and paste to a destination window very quickly

Details from the support page:

How to: You can use ⌥⌘\ (Option+Command+Backslash) to open 1Password mini, find the item you want, and then use ⌘O to anchor it.

More Password managers

More password managers

There are many other good options. I listed a few of the popular ones below which are available for Mac/Win and IOS/Android;  I tried these 2017-2018.

  • Dashlane Nice interface, but not as friendly as 1Password. Would be my 2nd choice.
  • LastPass. Minimalistic design and  doesn't let me add fields to a login.
  • Roboform I did not feel inspired to use it.
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